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How to the avoid damp


The problem many of us are concerned  about is that we find somewhere in the House on the roof, corner, door, wall  damp and do not know how to prevent this problem occurring. There are several solutions to eliminate damp from the House without having to make a huge effort or spend on cleaning, so I will  show  you how to remove damp  from your House and avoid to have it somewhere in the House again.   These are ways that you don´t have more annoying problems with damp  To avoid humidity in house, is very important that we look for and eliminate all sources of moisture in internal places difficult to locate, as broken walls,  pipes, ceilings and the seepage of rain somewhere in the House.  

If you can not find the moisture or need to do some repair after searching, the ideal would be to hire a specialist like Juan Sala to do the work for you if you see that it is very difficult to achieve. The good thing would be that you can install a fan in the House so that it circulates air throughout the House to the outside air, thus maintaining the House free of moisture. 

If due to the damp we see some cracks or dents will first have to repair to ensure we  have removed the moisture and to continue cleaning up the parts of the House where we see evidence of damp.

The it more important to prevent moisture, will be the implementation of the ventilation of the House.This is very easy to do, just habré windows of each room for quarters at a time where there is light Sun and good air ventilation.This will cause that moisture cannot occur in addition to some mold or fungi that are the most easy to appear at any time.  Ventilation, good Aso would be an installation of a home air filter, usually would be one of activated carbon, this will reduce the mold or the appearance of mushrooms.