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 Microcement is an excellent  covering  used inSpain, and this is due to its easy application,  quality, to the finish, its strength and durability. It is composed of cement, polymers, fibres and other components such as colour pigments which allow  infinite colours.  

 This mixture is kneaded and then spread on the entire surface with a trowel to achieve a screed of up to3 mm. The final finish of the microcement can be rustic or modern, smooth or textured, satin, gloss or Matt. Due to the different finishes and possible combinations with other materials such as metal, vinyl, plastic, wood, glass, cement, concrete, plaster, among others  it is  very versatile.  Images, logos, texts  can be added which makes it common use  in commercial premises, restaurants, art galleries, offices and homes with style to create a unique atmosphere

The microcement is characterized by being resistant, no-scratch, is also waterproof, and flexible  to avoid  fissures or cracks. Applying microcement is varied due to its characteristics, i.e. can be applied both in a kitchen or a living room also must add that it is non-slip,  and does not stain or accumulate dirt or germs in kitchen...

   Our company Constructions JuanSala has great experience in work with microcement.