11 Best Tips to Purchase Villas and Apartments in Moraira (Costa Blanca) in 2020

So, you want to buy an apartment in Moraira? Congrats! You are about to make one of the best decisions in your life. Costa Blanca is one of the most attractive places to purchase an apartment in Spain. And here’s why.

  1. The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and picturesque landscapes will definitely amaze you. Gorgeous beaches and spectacular mountains will make you fall in love with them for the rest of your life.
  2. The climate is excellent for sunbathing all year round.
  3. Local cuisine gives you an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes daily. Omelette with potatoes, grilled fresh fish, paella, aroz a banda, bunuelo, olla chura,  esgarrat are amazingly tasty!
  4. This charming spot offers you a relaxed and carefree lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.
  5. A great number of great sights to visit: Balcon del Mediterraneo, Algar Waterfalls, Guadalest Valley, Palm Groves and themed parks (Terra Mitica, Aqualandia, Mundomar, Terra Natura, etc.), La Cruz de Benidorm, Mirador Monte Toix, Promenade of Calpe.
  6. The prices for property here are lower than in the UK.

All these attractions are awesome, but buying villas in Spain is completely different from buying apartments in other countries. Thus, to avoid any kind of issues, it’s very important to be well-prepared.

Luckily, we’ve collected the best tips for buying a property in Moraira (Costa Blanca) for you. 

  1. Decide what property to buy: newly-built or resale.
  2. Research Moraira and Costa Blanca.
  3. Turn to a professional estate agent or construction company.
  4. Visit an apartment at least 2-3 times.
  5. Consider all the facilities (distance to the nearest airport, schools, malls, bus stations, etc.).
  6. Know all the ins and outs of the buying process.
  7. Find out the overall cost and expenses.
  8. Constantly monitor a better mortgage deal.
  9. Do in-depth background research. Check the information about the owner and annual payments, taxes, debts.
  10. Choose a professional lawyer to secure the deal and do all the legal paperwork properly.
  11. Register at the Land Registry (after buying an apartment).

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these tips. 

Decide What Property to Buy: Newly-Built or Resale

Depending on your budget you have 2 options: you can buy a newly-built villa or opt-on for resale. In case of resale, you need to pay closer attention to the state of the properties for sale you’d like to buy.

Research Moraira and Costa Blanca 

Collect as much information about Moraira and Costa Blanca as possible. If it’s possible, it would be great if you could stay there for some time (for example, in a hotel) before you purchase an apartment.

Turn to a Professional Real Estate Agent or Construction Company  

The process of buying villas in Moraira takes time, efforts, and expertise in local laws, taxes, etc. That’s why to avoid any pitfalls, it may be a way better option to look for a professional estate agent or construction company to help find the best visa for sale and do everything properly. The seller usually pays the fee for their services. So you don’t have to pay for it.

Visit an Apartment at Least 2-3 Times 

Don’t rush to buy a villa even if you like it immensely. We recommend you should visit it at least 2-3 times. Choose different times of the day for visits. The idea is to discover all the important details before making a purchase.

Consider all the Facilities 

It’s good to choose a villa with all the needed facilities within easy reach. So, take into account the distance to the nearest airport, schools, malls, bus stations, etc.

Know All the Ins and Outs of the Buying Process 

To be able to purchase property in Spain, you’ll need to get a financial number.

You can do this at any police station.

Typically, the buying process looks like this:

Find out the Overall Cost and Expenses

Mind that on top of the price for the apartment you’ll need to pay taxes, notary fee, lawyer fee. So, you need to consider all the additional costs of buying a house in Spain as well.

Constantly Monitor a Better Mortgage Deal 

If you need a mortgage, it’s a good idea to monitor the deals on a regular basis. The buying process usually takes about 8-9 months. New mortgage deals can pop up with better terms. Keep looking for them constantly.

Do the Background Research

Check the information about the owner and annual payments, taxes, debts. You need to know that all the debts are passing to a new owner. So, double-check everything properly.

Choose a Professional Lawyer to Secure the Deal and Do All the Legal Paperwork

For buying a property in Spain, you’ll need to find a professional lawyer. There are some peculiarities regarding the process of purchase properties in Moraira and Spain.

We recommend you should hire a licensed lawyer to help you do all the paperwork properly.

Register at the Land Registry 

After buying a villa or property, you need to register at the Land Registry.


If you want to purchase an apartment in Moraira and avoid all the common pitfalls, follow the tips mentioned above.

Alternatively, to make things easier, you can turn to a professional real estate construction company like Juan Sala Construcciones y Properties. We have years of experience in building luxury villas in Spain. In 2019, we also started to help our clients with buying a property in Moraira, Costa Blanca.

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