What Are the Main Factors to Choose New Build Vacation Houses in Moraira (Spain)?

Buying property has never been easy. Whether you are going to buy an apartment in your home city or build it somewhere far away from your native country, you’ll face certain difficulties.  Of course, building property in Spain is going to be more challenging than in your home country. But it’s worth dealing with challenges. So, you’ll need to find a reliable company that will help you to choose the best option in the centre Moraira and guide you through the whole building procedure.

How to Build a House in Spain?

You’ll need to obtain an NIE (identification number of a foreigner for legal transactions), open an account with a Spanish bank, check the status of real estate (for bills and debts) and sign a housing reservation agreement. Most likely, you will be asked to make a deposit of about 3,000 euros.

If you are able to confirm the necessary level of income, Spanish banks are ready to provide you a loan for the purchase of housing on favorable terms. The mortgage rate for foreigners is 3% -3.4%. The basic requirements are income from 800 euros per month. The optimal age from the point of view of local bankers is from 25 to 60 years.

The Most Important:  Reasons behind Buying Property in Spain

There are lots of factors which stimulate people to build in Spain, Moraira. There are 5 key reasons that won’t leave you indifferent as well.

  • Great sunny weather. The weather is hot and sunny all year round here. This has a positive impact on health. Javea is one of the favorite destinations for those who love warm summers.
  • Many opportunities for outdoor entertainment. You’ll see your neighbors playing golf, strolling, and having fun with kids outside daily.
  • Affordable costs. Are you dreaming about living in Spain but still think it’s too expensive? Believe it, it’s cheaper than in Italy, the USA, etc. Enjoy sale prices for flights, the rent of a hotel, holidays, etc.
  • Family values and traditions. According to statistics, there are more happy families in Spain than in other countries.
  • A possibility to earn much on rent. On rent in Spain, you can earn from 3% to 7% of the cost of housing per year. Most often, this figure is at the level of five percent. That is, if the market price of your property is 100,000 euros, you can earn about 5,000 euros per year for the price. If you rent by the day and are actively engaged in the search for tenants, your revenue can reach 10%.

To understand what details to focus on when choosing a house, you should answer yourself the main question “What do I need it for?” We will help: there are several main reasons for buying a property in Spain and, perhaps, one of them just coincides with your desires. So, most often people buy housing in Spain in order to:

  • Rest on the Mediterranean Sea for several weeks (months) of the summer season;
  • Move to Spain for permanent residence;
  • Living while studying at the university/or during a long business trip;
  • Settle elderly parents on old age (mild marine climate has a beneficial effect on health);
  • Successfully invest your money and make money on renting.

All the factors above will help you to remember that the plot should be chosen in accordance with your goals. A clear understanding of this “why” is the key to making the right choice because how you will evaluate the location and layout of housing, the infrastructure of the city and other factors depends on an understanding of your personal goals.

The Buying Process:  Useful Tips

The more objects you visit, the more you get food for thought and space for a good choice. So, do not be lazy to view all the options. Then, you can narrow the circle of houses and visit some options for the second time. To make it easier to make a choice among the property sale, it is worthwhile to create a notebook with a breakdown by specific criteria, where you will put the «pros» and «cons» of each villa, townhouse, or apartment. Instead of the pros and cons, you can set points on a ten-point scale for each item or come up with your own system of rates.

Entrust Your Property Building to Experts

Do you think it’s the best time to build a house in Spain? Our company Juan Sala Construcciones y Properties will help you to make your dream come true. Can you see the house near the main road or the one that is close to it? There is no house in the Costa Blanca which wasn’t built without our participation. Our responsible experts have built all the houses in this area and took part in their renovation. We specialize in building property the best way of having all the necessary skills and knowledge of the area. The good news is that choosing us and our works, you get the guarantee of living in the house that not only looks impressive but is also durable.

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