The oldest grandfathers and grandmothers of a hundred years of age are the unconditional authority and full controllers of all family affairs in Spain. They clutch the keys to family safes and stamps in their hands to make any decision.

4 Family Traditions that Show How Important a Family for Spaniards Is

Spaniards observe family traditions. It is important to note that they are very fond of children. Children are sacred. They are the center of the family. It is customary to celebrate birthdays and name days, which are celebrated especially brightly. Let’s have a look at some of the family traditions in Spain.

  • Getting married and creating a family after 30

A lot of customs are associated with the wedding. Before young people become husband and wife, they need to listen to a special course, which is organized by representatives of the church. The average age of newlyweds throughout the country is approaching 30 years. Modest weddings with few guests were never characteristic of the Spaniards. They firmly believe that the more people are going to congratulate the newlyweds, the stronger and happier their union will be.

An interesting fact is that Spanish couples marry not only through the registry office (matrimonio civil in civil marriage), but more than half (69%) prefer a Catholic wedding in the church (matrimonio catolico o por iglesia). Undoubtedly, the church ceremony and wedding mass impress with their beauty and pomp.

But divorce here is legally a complicated procedure. It is possible to formalize a divorce only after five years.

  • Living under the same roof with a big family

It’s possible to say that the Spaniard’s worldview is predetermined by his family. They rarely plan anything, but if they plan, they will certainly call all the relatives.

The attitude towards the elderly is also very revealing. Spaniards do not have the habit of forgetting elderly relatives. Nursing homes are a rare thing in Spain, and they are mainly intended for those unfortunate people who really have no one left. Spanish people can’t imagine a celebration of the most important events without their large family. All the members of the family must be present at birthday parties, weddings, etc. It isn’t difficult to gather with the whole family. It’s simply because most adults share the house with parents and grandparents.

  • The Three Kings Day

On January 5 and 6, Barcelona is wrapped in a fabulous extravaganza. The Feast of Kings in Barcelona begins on January 5 at 16.30. Dancers, artists and fairy-tale characters fill the streets of Barcelona. The Reyes Magos Parade reigns in the city! According to tradition, fairies distribute specially prepared sweets to the audience. The carnival ends in Barcelona at 21.30 at the singing fountains on Mount Montjuic. Anyone from 8 to 99 years old can take part in processions.

  • Long Christmas Celebrations

The Spanish Christmas is a quiet holiday spent with your family. Usually, a week or two before the holiday, Christmas dinners are organized in restaurants. Colleagues and friends gather at the same table. These dinners usually end later in the morning. On average every Spaniard has to visit three Christmas dinners. The second half of December in Spain is a long holiday. Christmas is preceded by the Dia Los Reyes festival on the 6th of January, which is also loved by kids.

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