Top Keys to Finding the Best Building Land for sale in Moraira (Costa Blanca, Spain)

Land in Spain with a thriving economy, developed infrastructure, and stable legislation, is one of the most attractive real estate properties. It isn’t surprising that more and more people are attracted by Costa Blanca. Affordable prices, spectacular views and a warm Mediterranean climate have turned Spain into a thriving resort region. What are the main reasons why most seek to buy land in Spain? It is a profitable investment and the opportunity to settle in a country with great development prospects. You can find many profitable offers for both the construction of comfortable housing and commercial activities.

Buying a Building Plot in Spain: Things to Keep in Mind

Want to own property in Spain? Then, the very first thing you need to do before you buy a building plot is to find a competent lawyer. It’s a must if you want to choose the best plot safely. Thanks to the professional advice, you’ll learn about the planning regulations. There are things you need to bear in mind when searching for the building plot.

  • There are two types of land: urban and rustic. The first one (urbanization area in Son Vida) is meant for development while the second option isn’t. Take into account that you may face a situation when the local town hall interprets the law in a different way. It can differ from the one local authorities have.
  • Check the building standards to know whether you can change the height of the building, the number of floors, and other parameters.
  • Check how much space you can cover when building. Ensure that there are no differences in square meters in the document and in the real size of the plot you’re going to buy.
  • Read the documents carefully to know what rights you have. There are 3 main documents you need to get acquainted with: the Property Registry, Local Rates, and Title Deeds.

What Factors May Influence the Purchase Price?

Land prices in Spain depend on several factors.

  • Location plays a key role in pricing. The most expensive areas are on the coast, in large cities, prestigious resort centers. If you choose Moraira, you should understand that it’ll cost more than in some other areas of Spain. But believe that it’s worth investing in building plot in this place.
  • Relief and soil type. In flat areas, it is easier to carry out the construction process: they are more suitable for landscaping, therefore, they are valued higher than rocky ones.
  • The area and orientation matter if several plots are for sale in the same locality, for example, in a housing complex under construction.
  • Market conditions. Changes in the economic situation affect the land market, although this asset is considered the most resistant to price fluctuations.

Entrust Construction Process to the Reputable Company

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